Routine No. 1

I had the idea this morning that, whatever we do, it might be interspersed with stand-up comedy routines. Funny peculiar / funny ha ha. E.g.:


Peter : My earliest memory is of taking a walk with my parents on a winter day in Forest Park in St. Louis. I tied a carrot to a string to drag behind me to catch a rabbit. I was sure a rabbit would hop out of the woods to get the carrot and I could take it home as a pet. Throughout my childhood, I had dogs, cats, frogs, gerbils, mice and a duck. But no rabbit.

David: I had a pet carrot I used to take for walks on a lead. It was always getting attacked by rabbits.


About Peter Blegvad
Born in New York City, 1951. Lives in London. In the early 70’s played electric guitar, and hydraulic jackhammer with the German group, Faust; in England he worked with Slapp Happy, Henry Cow, the Art Bears, and Andy Partridge of XTC; and in the States with The Golden Palominos, and with musicians such as John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Jack Bruce and Carla Bley. Besides making music, Blegvad contributed a weekly cartoon strip, “Leviathan”, to the Independent on Sunday from 1991-’98. The Book of Leviathan was published by Sort of Books in London in 2000 and by the Overlook Press, New York City, in 2001. An edition in Mandarin was published in Taiwan in 2011. Blegvad has lectured on such subjects as Milk, Numinous Objects, the Impossible Book, and “Imagined, Observed, Remembered” on both sides of the Atlantic. He is Honorary Teaching Fellow in the writing program at the University of Warwick.

2 Responses to Routine No. 1

  1. Peter Blegvad says:

    In Ramón’s novel “The Secret of the Aqueduct” the protagonist “conducts a double love affair w/ the Segovian aqueduct and his niece. His relationship w/ his surroundings is an extension of his sexual drive: …”Sexuality is life… The sexual flame must be thrown against things. Happy those who know how to transform it!”

    —”Ramón Gomez de la Serna: Precursor”, by Alan Hoyle in “Companion to Spanish Surrealism”, ed Robert Havard

  2. Peter Blegvad says:

    Pet Puddle

    Forget pet rocks
    let me tell you about my pet puddle.
    It’s H20, water. I take an ice cube out
    of the freezer,
    put it on the table to melt.
    When it has had its fun spreading out, off the leash
    as it were of form, I suck it
    up into a turkey baster & squirt it
    into a bottle with a lid.
    On special occasions
    I bring my puddle to a rolling boil
    under a hood which extracts
    the steam, chills it & collects the
    condensation in a bladder for some vigorous bouncing.

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