I don’t know if you have art under way. We need something for the cafe oto page instead of the non-existent band photo which can double as a poster image as well.

Idea, if you’re still searching:

I have a preamble I use for various things. It goes like this:
They lied about the parallax view.
They said parallel lines don’t intersect
but they do.
Now I can see how the road is running out on me.

So the idea is Jack Kerouac in Wonderland from that picture of Alice in the hall of perspective where she comes up against the door down the hallway which isnt small because of perspective but because it’s small. Except obviously the parallel lines of the parallax road have come together, This is part of the Pharoah Eisenhower thing wherein the creator of vital technologies (interstate highway) enable the poets and creatives by providing a physical path to enlightenment.

Anyway, an idea, make of it what you will or won’t.

David Thomas


E-notion from Peter


Pleasure is the headlight. Aren’t you glad you got off a long time ago?
Next station! Wait there! Let that big crowd git on board! Always parkin all
the time!