Tub Vision

Peter’s Notes from the brainstorming conversation.
Sept 06 – notes made w/ DT at Oxford Brookes
(research & write)
contest – attempting to sabotage each other
C. Cutler as mediator – DJing and music-making
Camera – filming in real time?
Wacom tablet – drawing live?

Peter's graphic for Tub Vision

Chris on the suggestion for band name:
>The Archimedes Quartet
i like
it has that academic ring
and maybe we should bill this as musified lecture/symposium
(bring your own sandwiches)
occurred to me Eureka is another E
and it was after all a tub vision

Peter suggests another E:
Can I suggest adding another E – Ecstasy? No, not the dumb drug, or not
ONLY. I’m talking the psychological phenomenon which EATS time. Abolishes it.
In her book “Ecstasy” (1961) Marghanita Laski documents various experiences
of transcendence, both religious (“…annihilation,… exolution,
liquefaction, transformation, the kiss of the spouse, gustation of God, and
ingression into the divine shadow…”—Sir Thomas Browne, “Hydriotaphia”) and
secular (ecstasies provoked by the sublimity of nature or art, by drugs,
disease [Cf. “sickness is the poor man’s travel”], sex, etc.) many of which
are characterized by a sensation of timelessness.

More Es:
Electric lecture

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